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Businesses today are confronted with multiple market challenges, and finding a qualified workforce is one. Heartland Workforce Solutions streamlines the process of getting you connected to the right people for the right job.

HWS Better Business Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

  • September 16th – Worker Training Grants Register here.
  • October 21st – SourceLink Nebraska: Resources for Entrepreneurs & Businesses Register here.
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Reach your employment goals.

When you work with Heartland Workforce Solutions, our consultants evaluate your needs and gather the right information to help us discover how we can best serve your company or organization. We can assist you with many of your employment initiatives, including future workforce and employee pipeline development. 

We create long-term partnerships between our organization and area employers. We are the convener and facilitator, offering job training and career support that meets the needs of both employees and employers in industry sectors that are central to our local economy.

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Get connected to the right services for your business!

How partnerships work.

We assist local employers with finding and retaining the skilled workers they require to successfully compete in today’s global economy. We also focus on systemic change to expand career opportunities for low-wage workers through:

  • Employer-led changes in human resources practices.
  • Significant improvements to education/training practices.
  • Federal, state or local policy changes and/or innovations based on evidence-based research.

The above goals are met by bringing employers together in workforce partnerships to understand and address the requisite skills of an entire industry and implement these initiatives with broader impact.

Resources for Businesses


EmployOMA assists local job-seekers as a non-profit, collaborative group of workforce agencies in the Omaha area. EmployOMA helps businesses connect with specialists from multiple workforce agencies to promote their latest information about available jobs, upcoming workforce events, and job fairs.

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Federal Fidelity Bond Program

The Federal Fidelity Bonding Program is a unique hiring tool that provides employers insurance coverage for former offenders during the first six months of employment or job promotion. The Federal Fidelity Bond provides $5,000 of insurance to cover events such as theft, larceny or embezzlement by the employee. Employers receive the Federal Fidelity Bond free-of-charge.

Presentation about the program: Fidelity Bond Grant State-Wide Training_FINAL

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What success looks like:

Success Stories
Jordi Becerril Enriquez

Jordi grew up with a passion for technology, but he lacked role models that had the expertise to advise him on a career in IT.

Jordi Becerril Enriquez
Success Stories
Anthony Bonner

Anthony arrived at HWS seeking assistance for post-high school training options, but he was able to get that and a whole lot more.

Anthony Bonner
Success Stories
Jacqueline Gomez

Anthony arrived at HWS seeking assistance for post-high school training options, but he was able to get that and a whole lot more.

Jacqueline Gomez