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I’m an employer looking for job seekers, how could I get help getting in front of the right people?

Employer Spotlight at our location HWS to highlight their business or positions or attend our job fairs free of charge. You can email us at to learn more.

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I’d like to host a training or educational workshop for my employees, could I reserve a room?

Yes, we have spaces for businesses, organizations or companies to host their training or educational workshops. The event must be free for attendees. Email to reserve your room today.

FAQs Employers
How does Heartland Workforce Solutions connect with employers?

Heartland Workforce Solutions streamlines the process of getting employers connected to the right people for the right job. We can assist employers with many initiatives; Job fairs, Better Business Workshops, Training for new employees, paid internships, and training for existing employees, all free of charge.

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