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Anthony Bonner

Anthony arrived at HWS seeking assistance for post-high school training options, but he was able to get that and a whole lot more.

Gaining experience for a meaningful career.

Anthony Bonner was seeking training guidance to start on a career post-high school. After searching for options to no avail, his uncle advised him to go to Heartland Workforce Solutions (HWS). He arrived at HWS just seeking assistance for training options, but by enrolling in the WIOA Youth Program he was able to get that and a whole lot more.

Along Anthony’s career path, he encountered obstacles developing a solid resume, which was preventing him from attaining a position that would provide the experience his career choice required.

By attending a HWS Resume Workshop, he was able to receive guidance from career coaches that assisted him in crafting a professional product. With that process, they helped him understand what employers are looking for on resumes. HWS also assisted Anthony with getting job experience at the Humane Society, putting him on the right pathway of the career field he is pursuing.

By using the HWS work experience program and resume workshops, not only was he preparing for a job, but also a fruitful career.

Anthony stated that the services at HWS “helped make my resume more professional, and the work experience put me in the right career field that I eventually want to work in.”

Upon completion of the work program, Anthony attained full-time employment as a Workforce Services Coordinator. As he continues to train for his career, the coordinator position allows him to gain further experience and mentor other career seekers. He advises career seekers to “just put yourself out there, use the assistance that is given to you to further your education in a field that you enjoy working in.”

Anthony’s HWS experience not only helped him personally, but it is valuable to other career seekers, because he walked the path that they are on, “I understand both sides as far as being in that situation and getting needed help,” Anthony said, “Now, I can help others because I’ve been through the program myself.”

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